REGIUS Console Image Pilot

Computed Radiography Regius Console Image Pilot

  • Image Processing Automatic gradation processing (G-processing), Frequency processing, (F processing) Equalization, processing,(E-processing)Hybrid, processing (H processing)
  • Image Output Maximum Host: 3ch for normal, 1ch for backup
  • Printer: 2ch for normal, 1ch for backup
  • Image Pilot Standard Software Host or printer: 1ch for normal, 1ch for backup
  • DICOM Support Basic gray scale print management (SCU)
    Storage (SCU)
    Modality work list management
    Modality performed procedure step
    Gray-scale standard display function (print output)
  • Maximum Connection REGIUS 170/190 16 units and REGIUS 370 1unit
  • Output Format 1×1, 2×1, 1×2
  • Control Console PC with 17” LCD Display
  • Cassettes Offered
    14 x 17: 2 No
    10 x 12: 2 No
  • Dimension W510mmX D 610mmX H355mm
  • Footprint 0.27m2 (28 KG)


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