Reno Kardan 1201i

Reno – Kardan 1201i

  • Simultaneous 12 Lead acquisition
  • Widescreen LCD display of realtime 12 Channel display
  • Complete ECG printout on A4 size thermal paper
  • Alpha Numeric Keyboard for easy data entry
  • Capability to store upto 20 ECG’s
  • Summary with interpretation in Auto mode
  • High Performance Li-ion Battery
  • Digitial filtering to reduce powerline and muscle termor interference
  • Auto base line correction
  • Upto 12 Channel printout
  • Auto and manual Mode operation
  • Patient name entry and printout capability
  • Optional Software for PC connectivity
  • Optional: Software for complete analysis of ECG’s like:
    1. Frank Lead VCG/TVCG
    2. Export WORD/DICOM format ECG Reoport
    3. Can be Integated with HIS/PACS system easily


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